Tons Of Different Types Of Technology Used In Kindergarten

A Teacher Holding Tablet And Teaches The Kids.

Teaching With Technology

It is a technology craze world. A world where people thrive using technology and do most of their day to day activities using technology. It is important that a child acquire key technical skills for a positive reinforcement of technology in their lives. Technology also helps teachers engage students to enhance their learning. This will help them achieve better results in students. It is essential that in today’s fast paced world, teachers introduce different types of technology used for kindergarten and collaborate with parents so they know the progress of the child even from their homes or offices.

Today, we have several websites and apps that help us with education. These apps make learning easy and reinforces academic concepts. Websites like Starfall, ABC Ya can strengthen language skills in studies. Through phonics based teaching, students can quickly gain reading skills. Fuel the Brain, XtraMath and Math Magician improves skills in math. Most schools provide a device that is inbuilt with apps and easy access to websites. Some schools ask students to bring their own device. The apps and websites intended for kids are self-directed and require minimum or no assistance from teachers.

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Technology That Imbibes Creativity

There are websites that let kids be creative. Some apps help students to think creatively and encourage higher levels of thinking. It is quite beneficial as students can gain creative imaginations and allow them to have good problem solving skills that are quite needed for their future career. Websites like StoryBird, Little Bird Tales, Zimmer Twins and more help students produce digital stories online. It comes from a medium through which students can narrate and bring their imaginative characters alive. eBooks are another interesting source of learning. Apart from what is being taught in school, teachers can avail the services of Disney Digital Books, Storyline Online, TumbleBooks and more to get students more engaged in classes.

3 Kindergarden school students using android mobile

Interactive whiteboards allow teachers to teach using a larger screen than a small screen of a device. Products like the Promethean Board and SMART board help teachers and students manipulate items on a larger screen. Teachers can create their own lesson and use the Internet to broadcast academic videos. Letting students collaborate with peers will also inculcate rich learning experiences. Collaborative platforms like Skype, Edmodo and ePals Global Community help students share materials, access information and stay connected to millions of classes around the globe.

Technology That Reinforces Skills

There are behaviour management software that helps teachers manage classroom behaviour. Such software is designed to give points to students who showcase good manners. It could be for working hard, good presentation, showcasing creativity, insight and participation. Class Dojo is one such software that can be accessed from phone or tablet and helps teachers manage the entire class. Technology helps gaining the attention of kids and holding on to them for a longer period. Teachers can use virtual timers to make students self regulate and drill accountability in them. Apps like Egg Timer, Tick Tock Timer and Timberland are a few options that can be used to track time.

With technology more accessible, there are more chances that students get lured to abusive and offensive content. Kid friendly filters can be applied to social media to remove offensive content. SafeShare.TV is a filter that removes such elements around YouTube videos. Teachers can use visual tools like Symbaloo and LiveBinders to collect and organize learning resources at one place. These make teachers and students life easy as it helps them easily manage various websites There is no way you are going to lose any important reference materials.

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