Science And Technology For Kindergarten

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How To Make Kindergarten Interesting

Kindergarten is the right stage where the kids can be introduced to technology and science in a way that imbibes creativity and logical skills. It is the stage where kids are quite curious about everything surrounding them. Introducing science and technology for kindergarten is a tricky task and involves identifying interesting activities that should make learning easy. Activities may be as simple as building robots or super heroes using blocks. Kids are easily obsessed with superheroes. You can combine their interest in superheroes with concepts from STEM, that is, science, technology, engineering and math.

You could use lego, plasticine and create projects like making a funky car for batman. Make the students draw the design of the vehicle and then build it using lego. Make projects interesting by having different teams. The kids will learn to communicate and collaborate with team members to bring out their creative ideas and acquire leadership skills. Give them challenging projects like making a flying superhero or a catapult. Not just lego blocks, give them clay dough to make interesting characters and superheroes they adore. You will be amazed to see the kind of characters that come out of their imagination.

One more activity you can have in connection with superheroes is making superhero costumes and accessories. You will find kids do amazing masks and capes with craft papers and plastic sheets. Try to gauge their understanding about superheroes. Ask them questions like what they can do, what are the things they have, the kind of people they are. You can wind up the superhero project with a superhero day. Let the students dress up as their favourite superhero reappearing the masks and capes they made. You can also make them present the superhero they made and speak a few things about them.

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Science Projects For Kindergarten

Play dough is one material that can be used to create a myriad of different things. You can get kids involved in creating different kinds of things using a play dough. When combined with electronic materials, kids can become an engineer or inventor in their own right. Teach them a few models and they will get on to create the most amazing things with play dough. Collect old wires, electronic parts of appliances, remotes, speakers and cell phones. Along, have an assortment of plastic caps, metal parts, screws and more. Organize these into different trays and have an inventors corner in the classroom.

You can involve parents in making this space and the materials. Ask them to contribute old devices, wires, remotes and appliances. Teach them how to create basic functionalities of on and off for a remote and you can see that they get hooked. Show them how to make a simple machine. Introduce graph paper as a special paper which inventors use and ask them to draw their inventions. You can witness a frenzy of activity with each team coming up with their own inventions. Let them invent, design and build their wild imaginations.

Science & Technology Concept.

You can involve them by using apps like ChatterKid and ChatterPix. These apps help kids bring their photos and other creations to life. It can make your photo speak the words you had recorded. You can encourage shy kids in doing this activity. Make them record something. A favorite song or a saying or something about mommy. Allow him to share it in the class. This will allow the kid to come out of shyness. Create robots using machine parts and record them using the app. Make a small video out of robots.

Projects That Instils Creative Thinking

Play with their unending curiosity by introducing the kids to something new. Let them know it is a mystery. A mystery that will slowly unravel. An onion bulb will be great for a starter. Place it in a box and ask students to guess what is in the box. Let each student guess. Record their interesting views. Next show them the bulb and ask them to tell what it is and what can be done about it. Record in a notebook their action plan. You will find that some did find out what it was and also would have suggested that it be kept in a muddy pot under sunlight for it to grow.

You can have fun as the bulb sprouts and grows. Discuss each stage in detail with the kids. Ask them to guess how the bulb will grow up to be. Let them draw what they have in mind. Every growth stage is a surprise. As the mystery object unravels it’s true colors, the kids would have learnt the science related to plants, how they grow, what it needs to grow and more. It will be a wonderful journey into the world of science and they will be excited to attend classes.

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