Different Types Of Technology Used In Kindergarten

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Preschoolers And Technology

Technology at the stage of kindergarten is something that needs a lot of thought process. At a time where we are vouching for low screen time for kids, here we are contradicting our very statement. Technology can be good if used wisely and with minimal intervention that does not hamper with the rest of the creative activities of the kid. When in a kindergarten, the teachers or supervisors need to ensure the child spends just enough screen time along with watching TV and using other devices.

Adding technology in kindergarten does not always have to be increasing screen time. It can be as simple as giving them old electronics goods during playtime. You can let them explore this and teach them how to use it. Electronic gadgets like cordless phones, cameras, remotes can get kids excited. Make it a slow progression from taking pictures to using real smartphones to take selfies. Such small activities with technology will help them understand the use and be creative with it. At any time, it is always good that kids know how technology was used in the past and how it has changed lives.

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Get Them Be Active With Technology

Including technology at kindergarten stage is tricky. The benefits of having them introduced to technology really depends on the kind of activities. We live in an age where people have become more adept with technology and we use a lot of devices and applications. The first and foremost thing is to teach them how to care for these devices. Get them to know how we can use technology for their benefit. It can be as simple as letting them take photos and sending them to their parents. It is essential they know to what extent they can use technology and also there is a world beyond technology.

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Introduce technology and how to keep away from technology through play. Pretend to attend calls with old mobiles and say that you need to play or go for a jog rather than talk over the phone. This is quite effective as they need to understand that spending more time with devices is not good. Combine technology with outdoor activities. This way you are getting them to be active and also learn something new. You can introduce several types of technology used in kindergarten. Ask them to use iPads to take pictures of flowers in the garden. This can be further extended to learn the names of these flowers using Google search.

Get Them Collaborate With Technology

Let kids know how to communicate and collaborate with technology and people creatively. Make them work in pairs with tabs or phones. Create activities around technology such that they can work as a team. This is essential because companies love the fact that the employees know how to collaborate with different teams. It is important that the child inculcate this habit from the very beginning. Introduce apps that imbibed creative thinking. It is seen that kids love to play with apps that let them be creative than the monotonous boring apps.

Kids at this age love to create and build. Have a tech center in the corner of the classroom where they can explore technology. You can bring in plenty of old hardware that was castaway by people. Select a few devices and remove the batteries. Give it to the child to explore. Let them be like engineers. Teach them how to use screwdrivers and pliers. Help them remove the device apart. Let them assemble the various parts of the appliance and see if it works. Don’t forget to be a part as they play with equipment.

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