Pros and Cons of Technology

Technology Helps For Teaching Through Projectors In Home.

In recent days, technology is a popular topic even in the education sector. Many people are interested in implementing technology in school classrooms. But some do not support stating that it can affect the child’s performances. Teachers and parents are worried about the additional screen time, distractions, and lack of one on one interaction due to too much utilization of technology. Some appreciate technology stating that it provides collaborative opportunities, personalized educational experiences, motivation, and enthusiasm. We should know that anything even technology used at a moderate level can remain good. Here in this blog, we have briefed the pros and cons of technology when used in the school classrooms.

Advantages of implementing technology in school classrooms

Sufficient resources for parents and students

The main benefit of using technology in the classroom is it can offer loads and loads of resources for parents, teachers, and students. If the student is finding it hard to do his/her homework, he/she can instantly use an education website like Khan Academy and finish the homework. The website offers tutorials and sample problems that are helpful for students to learn tough concepts. YouTube has several educational videos and channels that completely transform the way of learning and understanding concepts. Google offers numerous virtual reality trips for teachers and students through Expeditions. With the latest classroom technology, students can always access sufficient resources regarding their coursework be it at home or school.

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Preparing the students to face the real world

In the present scenario, technology has made most things possible and imaginable. If you think students should succeed beyond the school curriculum, technology and systems and digital currency knowledge are important. The students should not only practice technology skills like editing videos, drafting emails and creating digital presentations but more than this. Certain valuable soft skills help the students gain adaptability, problem-solving, collaboration and complex communication. These help in getting prepared for college life.

Updated information

Technology permits students and teachers to have instant access to the latest and updated information. When teachers explain through hard copy materials, they know that certain subject requires revisions and it takes years to implement the revision. But updates in online textbooks occur almost instantly. In the previous decade, articles were taken from newspapers and discussed in class. But now, current events are shared in online formats and several reputed news websites.

Kindergarden Staffs Instructs Lessons Through Projector Screen.

Engaging and motivating

Students love to use technology as it is completely fun. As they love the system, it motivates them to explore and learn. The students can connect the devices and use technology in their everyday lives. This kind of involvement takes place when technology is suggested as a choice in the classroom.


Technology helps in saving a lot of teacher’s time and effort. The students can easily make use of free and quality resources easily available online. Moreover, digital resources help in cutting down the paper and printing expenses. In previous years, report cards were mailed to the student’s home. But the present trend is checking grades online saving postage, time and paper. Online textbooks eliminate certain storage issues and rebinding fees.

Disadvantages of utilizing technology in school classrooms


Technology can be a major root of distractions. Text messages, social media, fun websites, news, games, pop-ups, ads and much more keeps taking the student’s attention. It means teachers find it hard to follow and keep students on track. They would not know whether students are doing what has been assigned. By defining clear consequences and expectations, teachers should motivate students to concentrate on work. Districts and parents can also establish internet blocks to prevent students from browsing unnecessary websites when they are learning or working.

Excessive screen time

It has become common to see students spending a lot of time in front of various devices or gadgets such as gaming devices, computers, tablets, and cell phones. The sad part is it has become a part of daily life even for kids. When technology is implemented in the classroom, it increases the amount of acquaintance to electronic devices. Some people concern that there are chances of eyesight damage due to too much screen hours. But science has disproved the thought. Teachers and parents can reduce the screen hours by taking necessary measures.


Students try different types of cheating even without technology. After implementing technology, it has become easier for them. They can copy-paste the assignments with each other and submit them. If needed, they can research on the internet, copy other’s works and submit them like theirs. There are certain tools such as Turnitin that help in combating plagiarism.

Technology is an effective tool that confidently impacts learning. It is important to show students how to use technology effectively. In the same way, teachers can also eliminate various negative associations to develop an effective and safe learning environment. Thus students could also enjoy as well as learn and remain motivated.

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