What Would the future classroom be like?

Future Smart Classroom For Kindergarden.

There has been a lot of transformation in the classroom ambiance- from the open field or single room schoolhouse to the latest technology supported classrooms. Technology advancements have completely transformed the way pupils learn. It is more exciting to imagine how the future classroom would be. As the technology keeps changing and developing, there are high chances for the classroom to change. If you are thinking about how the future classroom would remain for the forthcoming generation, here are some ideas you should read.

Present-day classroom and school

At present, students are using gadgets like tablets and smartphones as learning materials instead of heavy backpacks which we used to carry around. It is interactive and fun to use a tablet for learning. It motivates the child to remain more involved with the concept. Students are not only using tablets, but they are also utilizing smart boards in the place of the traditional overhead projector. So, the entire class can touch and change contents on the smartboard.

The best part of interactive smart boards is it displays a large collection of contents like graphs, pictures, games and also videos. Most students are offered a laptop in the classroom. The surprising fact that most of us are not aware is 98% of preschool to 12th-grade school rooms have internet access. Moreover, schools that have executed the laptop program were able to see excellent results in their students. The teachers were able to determine how students learn, get information, how they use and get familiar with the technology.

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How will tomorrow ‘s classroom be?

Through implementation and innovation, the technologies in the future classroom will have a great impact on how students and educators approach learning. At present, we have online testing and personalized learning and assessments. The future students will be experiencing a different methodology- doing most of the things virtually or online. Let us discuss how the future classroom is different.

A Small Boy Taking Picture Of Solar System Through Tablet.

Augmented and virtual reality

Augmented reality is something that every individual of the present generation is waiting to see in the classroom. It is an advanced technology that will offer students more information about what they see. For example, if the student is learning about the planets and universe, then with technology like augmented reality, it is possible for the students to see the life-size representation of a solar system or view the night sky virtually.

Students will be using a certain type of handheld device as part of implementing the augmented reality. It can be a tablet. However, there are some applications where the student would require a headset. After they get used to this technology, they will start to visit several wonderful locations across the world.

Flexible assignments

In the present classroom scenario, when a teacher assigns homework or an assignment, every student will work on the same assignment. It means we are still following one size suits all policy that is said to be of no use. In the future, teachers will be assigning tasks as per the student’s competencies and the way each understands the material. They will not be checking papers where the students would have applied one common method to draft an answer.

For example, if the teacher asks to research and writes about a particular topic, the students have to utilize skills as sketched by a teacher to showcase their level of understanding about that topic. This way, the students will get a chance to accomplish the assignment no matter how well they know. They would try to show the teacher that they have understood the material well.

The teacher can even get assignments in several mediums like a research paper, an elaborate diorama, a recorded video or through PowerPoint presentation. The choice depends upon the student with flexible learning.

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