Necessities for Parent-Teacher Communication using technology

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The New Essence of Parent-Teacher Communication

Learning is a part of life, and we all are at some phase of different learning systems throughout our life. Home is the first place to learn, and parents are the primary teachers. This is a secure and closed environment for the child. The next level of learning is to start schooling for the child. This when the parents and the child get to the new challenges in life. When the child is in school, it doesn’t mean that the parents are now entirely free but are more responsible for channelizing the growth of the child and making them ideal citizens of the future.

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The need for parent-teacher communication

The parents and teachers must have positive and regular communication, which will help the children. Today, we see that the majority of families have both the parents working, and hence their contact with the school is not more. But, this poses a severe threat to the development of the child. It is crucial to make some excellent and exciting means of communication between parents and teachers.

The classic concept of parent-teacher associations has become antique ideologies to many schools. And technology and digital revolutions have become an active part in many schools now. This is a huge benefit to parents and teachers to interact and also get to know better about their children.

Parent-Teacher initiative – a new beginning to better education

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Parents are the people who have complete knowledge about their children with every aspect, but when it comes to education and behaviour, the teachers also have a prime role. Teachers help the kids walk into the phase of independent life. There are some excellent initiatives made by the schools to make parents also a regular part of the child’s growth. Some of the methods are discussed in this article. Now we have the school parent communication apps to support this mission.

But at the beginning of the school year, parents should be given the complete structure of how the school would like them to contribute to the kids. Check Out – To know about the ways technology can reinvent the parent teacher conferences.

Choosing the Digital methods to effective parent-teacher communication

We have to thank digitalization, which has made contact and response very convenient and easy. Schools have become active users of technological factors ranging from smart classrooms to bringing world-class exposure to kids. This has also contributed towards organizing methods for active parent-teacher communication modes. Some of the popular ones are :

Blogs: Every school has a website, and the most important information is updated there. But Parents would like to know specific details about the class their child belongs to. A class blog will help in this regard giving all that happens in the class every week. There will be a comment section that is meant for parents and teachers to interact and actively discuss.

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Podcasts and radio: Podcasts are a more straightforward method for busy parents. They can listen to news from the school and teachers on the go and any place of convenience. The programs are designed by teachers and also involve students as well. In the higher secondary, the students themselves can make the production. This helps them to improve their skills and also learn new things.

Television and videos: Videos are direct communication, and it is easy for all the parents to see and know the school activities. The children make these videos and get a chance to sharpen their soft skills.

Email: Weekly emails about the curriculum in the class and monthly emails stating the events of the month can be written. An example is making a monthly newsletter telling what the planned activities for the entire month are.

Social media: this is the most rarely used method to communicate with parents, since the school administration usually prevents teachers from communicating with parents via social media, and also these pages have an age restriction for the kids below 13 years of age. But with specific formats, parents and teachers may use social media under certain conditions and formulate methods to communicate. The most used social media pages are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Communication apps: The most comfortable way to approach parents could be by some communication apps. These are very easy to use, install, and also has the option of many languages. Some of the standard communication apps are Seesaw, Remind, and Dojo.

Therefore we can understand that parent-teacher communication can be something very jovial rather than meeting the teacher for just open house days or school function day. It is good to have a social rapport frequently so that you can have a follow up about the child’s school journey!

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