What Are The Three Technological Trends In Education

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In the past few years, India has become one of the top destinations for education. We don’t only have the best colleges and universities; even our schools have gained recognition. The primary education we provide is known for its superior standards and excellence. One reason for this popularity is the penetration of technology. In this article, we take a look at three trends that are taking place in the educational system of the country which makes use of technology.

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  •    Learning is happening on mobile phones.

First, a student learnt only in the class using a book and blackboard. Then, came the inclusion of computers and projectors in the school. A few more years and laptops and systems could also be found in the homes of scholars.Three Students discussing about their studies via mobile phone This made learning a more comprehensive procedure. Today, it has become even more so thanks to mobile phones. A child can easily access any educational content from their smartphones at any point. Furthermore, the process of learning is seamless.

A child can switch from TV to tablet to phone and yet continue to learn the same topic through an online platform that works on all gadgets. The time when education will be wholly optimised for mobile learning is not far in India. As the usage of smartphones increases in both rural and urban areas, the way education is provided will change too.

  • Learning has become more adaptive and personal.

For a long time, we used a teaching model where one size fits everyone. It didn’t matter how a student learnt or what his/her speed was, the teacher taught in the same manner and the same velocity to every person in the classroom. Right now, thanks to learning platforms, digital gadgets and software, education have become adaptive. We are modifying the way we disseminate knowledge. We are personalising it to each type of student.

This ensures that no child is left behind. Each student is made capable of reaching their true potential by leveraging their strengths and removing their weaknesses. Teaching is accommodated to the learning pace of the pupil. For example, a student who required more practice to grasp a concept is given more assignments using tablets and laptops. So that when they come to school the next day they are at pace with others.

  • Learning is not just from books.

The one trend that really dominates education is video-based learning. Since a video is emulated a traditional setup, it makes it easier for a child to adapt to it. Moreover, videos have been used as a teaching tool for years which ensures that the idea is not too new for a child and more natural to adapt to. Using a video lecture, a student can start, pause, stop and resume learning at any point. In other words, a student can rewind a particular concept again and again till they grasp it entirely.

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