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Technology has grown above and beyond its creator. It is sad to see that the time that trains us to face our life further onward doesn’t focus much on this exponential growth. Integrating technology into the curriculum will make a positive impact of technology on education. This could be a lot efficient with many learners. It is a fresh approach to the already tainted rote learning system. Curriculum designers never deal with learners in their turf, the classroom. And that is why often educators fail in meeting conceptual learning due to the heavy deadlines above their heads.

Children Take Ownership Of Their Learning

Unlike traditional methods already implied in the past, a modern approach could be the game-changer. The impact of technology on education is so broad-ranged that it helps learners become owners of their learning. Children could dare to experiment without holding back in fear. Nothing is learnt without taking risks, and that is precisely the theory that technology in education proves all the more. When children are chipped in with tech as part of education, it opens a comprehensive library of knowledge at their fingertips.

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Numerous software companies have developed solutions to provide educational, informative and entertaining content. Educational applications have a smooth learning curve, and it encourages the learners to push it harder every time. This in no way means to remove teachers from the classroom and replace them with apps. Technology is just the next tool that a teacher uses to convey the lessons to the students.

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Differentiated Learning

The best impact of technology on education would be that it helps in handling a mixed classroom with all sorts of learners. Some may be high achievers, while others may not be that bright. Assigning works individually helps much in differentiated learning. Educators get time at hand to assist the late bloomers more. Worksheets of different difficulty levels may be assigned according to the learner’s ability and this keeps all of the engaged within the timeframe. Teachers could take care of doubts and support the slow learners with the concept at hand efficiently.

Several e-learning solutions provide differentiated learning, but only a teacher could know their ward so well. A child is much beyond numbers on a spreadsheet. They are tangible evidence of evolution and nature. The educator and their best pedagogy should drive home the essence of education no matter the medium is chosen.


Another noted impact of technology on education would be the collaboration sphere it opens up. Unlike ever before, a large number of learners could work on the same project at the same time. Thanks to collaboration websites such as google docs and padlet that help in the teaching-learning process. Collaboration on word games, puzzles, or even to fill up KWL charts are starters with a bunch to develop into outcomes.

At the end of the day, there is no preferred or best technology of the lot. It is all about which one you are comfortable engaging with your children. Only time and trial would let you know the actual results.

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