Significant Use Of Technology In Classrooms

Preschooled Kids Doing Robots Of Cartoons - Technology Concept.

Impact Of Technology And Educational Tools

Children of today have better exposure to the use of technology than any other generation. Even preschoolers or toddlers are experts in browsing through the web and accessing what they want to know and learn. Kindergarten classrooms are the best start for early learners who have the scope of enriching their knowledge quickly with the available technology-enriched content.

Exposure to technology at an early age will not hinder the normal growth of their knowledge. It will lead them to better areas of learning and identify what skills they need to expertise and have a bright career once they grow. It also encourages both group and individual exposure to learning through new technology tools in the education sector.

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Technology And Its Tools In Education

Educational experts want to utilize technical tools to remove the space between what technology tools have provided in real-time for the educational sector and what technology has envisioned providing the educational sector. Educational tools used in the classroom must be in alignment with the curriculum standards designed for every level. Proper investment in training resources and infrastructure will help the educational institutions to achieve their goals with little effort.

Kids Working In The Computer.

Using educational tools in the classroom will help to increase the use of technology in the classroom for teaching. This may pave the way for increased technical literacy while at kindergarten for the children. Learning to write alphabets or working with numbers can be made easy with these technology tools. The process of learning can happen smoothly with the available audio and video features in the educational tools.

Schools with a restricted budget can get the maximum benefit from these educational tools. A technology-supported library can provide access to more number of books in their virtual library. Children can choose books that suit their level of knowledge and learn more. The content presented in the interactive format will engage children better and let them learn more within a short period.

Integration of Technology In Education

Understanding integration of technology in education is considered as an evolution from the traditional way of teaching in the classroom. Tackling technology-related issues and encouraging smooth use of technology in the classroom requires adequate knowledge of technology and a better understanding of how the technology works in imparting knowledge. The SAMR model introduced by Dr Ruben Puentedura supports the effective use of technology in the educational domain.

Substitution – Here, technology helps in substituting textbooks with eBooks in the classroom.

Augmentation – Here, technology replaces learning tools that were used for a long time and help students and teachers with advanced technology tools. For example: utilizing e-dictionaries in the classroom.

Modification – Here, technology helps to redesign tasks and enhance learning with new methods. The technology helps to utilize different applications to gather relevant content or data, to record videos and audio content appropriate for use in different levels of imparting knowledge.

Redefinition – Here, technology helps to redefine learning tools that are used in the creation, presentation, and publication of media-oriented content for an enriched classroom experience at all levels of education.

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