Halloween party ideas for kids

Vector Image Of Halloween Party In Kindergarden.

Want some fun Halloween party ideas for kids? Well, you are in the right place. All the party ideas mentioned in this article are DIY and extremely economical. If you do not find time to do it yourself, do not worry. You can find out all the party supplies easily on any online commercial sites. So without wasting much time, move on to the next section for the fun ideas.

Eight fantabulous party ideas for kids

Watching your kids enjoy the party is what every adult would want. So ensure choosing only the best and fun Halloween party ideas from the ones mentioned below.

Pumpkin twister

Twister is a simple fun game for the toddlers. Expect more trips and falls and extreme fun with this game. The preschoolers will also learn a great deal about the direction, and colours. For the colour pumpkins, you can either download stickers or download the printable. Tape the white sheet on the floor and paste the coloured pumpkins at a random position. Now rotate the spinner board to decide the hand or feet that must be placed on the pumpkins. The one who lasts longer without falling is the winner.

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Egg and spoon race

Egg and spoon race will be an absolute treat for the tiny tots if real eggs are used. The game is a relay in which the players are provided with a hard-boiled egg or plastic eggs. Members from each team carry an egg on the spoon from the starting to the end. The spoon is passed on the next player who carries forward the race in the same way. If the egg is dropped, the player has to stop and retrieve it.

Paint your pumpkin

Arranging for a pumpkin decoration station would be an exciting idea for the kids. Give them the pumpkins, & paint, and watch for the awesome art they create. If you find paints too messy, you can always opt for stickers that are readily available from any stores. Display their hand-designed Jack-o-lanterns inside your party hall.

Pumpkin Carving For Halloween Party In Kindergarden

Pumpkin golf

Yes, you heard it right- A pumpkin mini golf. The kids would love anything that the adults would do. All you need for the golf is a huge carved out pumpkin, little foam golf clubs and a piece of cardstock. Be kind enough to help your little player to aim the ball into the pumpkin mouth.

Ring toss

Ring toss is an inevitable party entertainment. Make your ring toss with witch hats. Use black poster boards to cut out the hats. Glue the hats on to the board, and you are ready for the game. Of course, get some rings if you have any.

Cookie station

This is a yummy Halloween party idea for kids. Cookie decoration station is an idea loved by all the kids. All you need is to buy some cheese frost and stuff it inside a decorating bag with a hole at the tip. The kids would love to squeeze the frosting along the edge of the Oreo. Allow them to stick the sprinkles of their choice. Though it would make a mess, it would be an absolute fun event for them.

DIY goodie bags

It will be fun if kids are allowed to design their party favour bags. The party for tiny tots is not complete without a return gift. And to arrange them in the bags would take a considerable amount of time. Why not turn this tiresome task into some fun activity for the kids. Gather your paper party bags and Halloween stickers in a DIY Halloween favour bag decoration station. Allow your little guests to decorate their bags and to fill their bags too.

Mummy Halloween game

This Halloween party idea for kids will be the most fun game of all the ideas above. Gather your little guests and divide them into equal teams. Now provide them with a roll of toilet paper. If it is a team of three, the team would have to decide a mummy and two wrappers. The team that finishes wrapping the mummy with a roll of toilet paper comes first. The game is sure to attract loads of fun and laughter.

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