Awesome Kindergarten sports day ideas

Bottle Filling Competition For Kids In Kindergarden Sports Day.

Arranging a sports day for the tiny tots requires a great deal of patience and abundance of creativity. Because you are going to handle a bunch of little people who love to have fun. Unlike the older kids, the sports day for kindergarten pupils will have less competition and more learning. Kindergartens should fill up with activities that enhance the physical and mental development of kids. More and more races that increase the problem –solving and reasoning skills should be focused on. Above all, the kids should enjoy and love what they are doing. Let us run through some awesome kindergarten sports day game ideas in the following section.

Sports day ideas

Before jumping into the sports day ideas, the following are some prep ideas that will help you to organize a well-planned and exciting sports day.

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Prepping for the D-Day

  • Arrange for volunteers because however small your event is, proper support is essential for effective execution of the programme
  • Prepare banners and announce about the events to create enough excitement
  • Since the competitions of kindergarten sports day are measured on overall holistic aspects, instruct the volunteers about the measurements.
  • Keep plan B if the events get spoiled due to unforeseeable nature’s fury
  • Since this is a kindergarten program, develop a theme for the entire event

Kindergarten sports day ideas

Kids Participating In A Toys Relevant Activity In Kindergarden Sports Day.

The Kindergarten sports idea should be organized based around a theme. This article takes you through a sample theme “Being Human” and the qualities a kid can imbibe from various activities developed around the theme.

Building empathy

Empathy is an essential behavioural quality that kids should nurture from childhood. Organize a race event, “Feed the animals”, where a cut out of herbivores animals is placed near the posts. The kids are instructed to run and pick up the grass from another end and run towards the animals to feed, finally ending the race. Kids not only enjoy the competition but also learn a great lesson through this.

Binding with nature

‘Go green’ is an entertaining race event, in which kids undergo competition in two phases. The first phase contains race-,’Sowing the seed’. In this, the students are instructed to run and pick up seeds from a saucer, plant those in a pot and finally, run towards the end line.

The second race is-‘Watering the plant’. This race requires the kids to run with a water bottle, pour water into the pot, and finally run towards the finishing line.

Some learning

‘Find the right word’ is an educational game for the kindergartens. In this game, each kid is given the slip with a three-letter word written on it. They have to match the letters placed in the rings with their names and finally run to the finishing line.

Understanding the commands

‘Adventure Trail’ is an exciting game for preschoolers. They are instructed to run zigzag, made to cross tunnels and balance on the logs. After passing through all the hurdles, they run towards the finishing line. This game can significantly improve their coordination and motor skills.

Theme based kindergarten sports idea is an excellent way to evolve kids holistically. They will not only enjoy playing games, but will also learn to follow, lead, and be part of a team.

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