Teaching Methodologies To Hone Young Minds

Young mind is like a sponge it absorbs everything that comes its way. Children want to learn and present everything in the fun way. They also have the desire to share their knowledge. The best teachers are those who motivate children through curiosity and eagerness to learn. Motivation in children can either be intrinsic or extrinsic. The curiosity model is followed by teacher across the globe by asking questions on topic studied. The best way would be to reinforce thinking process instead of lauding the child for their effort.

Allow Children to share their knowledge
Children are good communicators, they love to share their knowledge with parents and adults to improve on the concepts. Children take some time to use the right words and elaborate on their thinking. Teaching them descriptive words can enable them better usage of words.

Presenting an active environment
Kindergarten students do not sit for long and will inform you when they feel like moving. Therefore it is important to devise a learning plan that is interesting, as even a well planned learning plan fails when a child calls for a break. To combat this it is best to allow students to walk, jump, act a scene and engage in lot of outdoor practical activities to improve their physical fitness and keeps them alert all the time. To succeed in your teaching practice, it is best to schedule movement breaks spread across the day.

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Every child is sensitive
Teaching comes to a halt if the child is tired, scared, hungry, upset or worried. If you want to pursue a teaching career it is important to understand the learning process is versatile and understand children is a skill that is accomplished with practice. There may be times when a child seeks privacy. There may be times when they creep under the desk when they are overwhelmed with a particular situation, like stress at home or school.

Never let a child study with an empty stomach. A hungry student cannot focus in the class. Allow them to eat a part of their lunch or snack and turn their focus to something else till it is time for recess. Some teachers consider this as an adamant behavior of the child or their unwillingness to participate. In such cases remember the following:
· Children have limited vocabulary and find it hard to express
· Reflective listening can help find out the reason for being upset
· There may be times students want to share and develop their ideas and working in groups is the best way. There may be times they need to be alone too to figure things out.
· It is always best take time out for fun and relaxation
· Indulge them in activities. It is always best to be over prepared for the class. Use of activity sticks can promote interest in the subject.
· Give them responsibilities. Allow them to carry home some washable stuff toys and care for them in the weekend.

A classroom ambience should be warm and inviting. For Kindergarten students, classroom is the place to voice out their opinion as well as be heard and recognized.

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