How To Provide A Healthy Diet For Your Child?

It’s a new phase in every child’s life to enter into their kindergartens. It is important for every child to take adequate amount of food at regular intervals to stay brisk and remain focussed all the day. Moreover it is the responsibility of the parents to look into child care as a major aspect. Children who belong to this particular age group can be a little grouchy, and hence it is essential to provide them with regular meals as well as advice their wards to eat what they like without any compulsion.

Suggestions for healthy diet!!
Parents make vague assumptions that children require large amount of food as they grow. But technically speaking, children require food which is sufficient enough to enable their growth and development.

Children should involve themselves in packing their lunch boxes along with their parents, and while doing so parents can teach them some basic food habits and nutrients present in their meals which enables additional learning in a creative way apart from their academics.

Children of this age also get addicted to intake of junk food which is not a healthy way of eating. Junk food does not have nutritional value and hence does not convert into a healthy diet. Alternatives like nuts, raisins, fruits, home-made sandwiches are a better option to healthy lifestyle.

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Physical activity — A must!!
Forcing strict diets on children are really not necessary. Every child requires healthy fats and carbohydrates to gain their day-to-day energy requirements. If you think your child has put on excess weight consult a doctor or get your ward involved in any physical activity. Teach them healthy food habits and limit their usage of any electronic device for that matter. The following are few guidelines to stay fit:
· Avoid watching television on a regular basis and get the child involved in outdoor games and competitions conducted in their school or locality.
· Engage your ward in activities like yoga, meditation and swimming which gives them relaxation and positive energy.

Few nutrition tips
· Instruct your child to drink water at regular intervals to keep them hydrated.
· Ensure your child takes milk or any dairy product like processed cheese, yogurt on a daily basis to meet the protein requirements of the body.
· Fresh fruits, salads and healthy snacks like low calorie biscuits or cookies can also be included in your child’s diet
· Organic foods like barley, millets, sprouts, ragi, etc is also advisable.
· Avoid food with high fat, high oil, high salt content, for it contributes to accumulation of bad cholesterol in the body.
· Breakfast is a must in your daily routine and it is advisable never to skip it.

There are several helpline available which delivers advices and clarifies doubts regarding child care. Online resources are the best way to stay updated on maintaining a healthy mind and body.

A balanced diet with nutrients in the right proportion and ratio along with intake of food at proper timings supported by certain suitable physical activities are the best solution to a healthy lifestyle and happy living.

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