Teaching Parents On How To Be Better Parents

Ask any mother, and they will say that rearing a child is exceptionally exhausting but equally fulfilling. Ask any father, and they will say that parenting a young one is supremely challenging but very rewarding. It indeed is the best of both worlds. It can give you the happiest moments of your life, and it can offer you the worst. Because of this dichotomy, learning how to be a good parent is not easy. Every parenting choice we make can completely alter the future of your child.

It can act as the love and support they need to fulfil their destiny, or it can be the impediment that stops them from reaching true potential. Remember, it is the parent who is always the role-model for their kids. It means you have to be the best; you have to do better than the rest of the world. So, how do we achieve this lofty goal? While there is no blueprint to great parenting, there are some techniques one can use to be a confident parent. In this article, we talk about two of them.

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• Stop thinking of parenting as a strategy; it is the philosophy you use in life. It is not about just making your children the best version of themselves; it is about the parent being more mindful, conscious, sensitive and aware human being. No person is born with the innate quality to be the best parent. Yes, some do appear to be made for it with their gentle touch and patience, but the rest of us can learn. Start from the inside. Work on yourself. Be the best version of you can be. Take the conscious step and considerable effort to inculcate patience, serenity and calmness in you. When you work on yourself, you automatically become better parents.

• The second technique to better and positive parenting is the focus. The quality of a child that grows the most is the one parents focus on. For example, if a mother or father keep emphasising on the weakness of a child by criticising them or lecturing them, then that quality will get ingrained. The more you focus on a grey area, the more embedded it becomes because of the constant negativity around it. Therefore, your task as a parent is to skip over the low points and work on the strengths.

In a gist, firstly accept the child for who they are and then concentrate on building up their crucial area. It will remove any bad habits. Secondly, work on yourself and improve your abilities. The art of good parenting will come naturally with it. Finally, have fun while raising a child. You won’t get a more satisfying job.

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