A Day In The Life Of A Kindergarten Teacher

Experts define kindergarten as the class that bridges elementary school with early childhood care. It is considered a vital element of life because it teaches students a lot and therefore requires special knowledge from educators. The responsibilities a KG teacher has is somewhat similar to those of other teachers but with an added factor. Since this class is the first most children are experience, it has to take into consideration specials needs.

To give a fair idea of what a kindergarten teacher does, we explain in detail the one day of their life. Starting from reading and writing and ending with describing how to play nicely with others, an early educator encompasses a lot in less than four to five hours.

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• The day starts early for a KG teacher because she has to get to the class beforehand and prepare it for the day. She then greets each child as they are dropped off by their parents and instructs them to drop off their bags at the designated area. After everyone is seated, does the actual teaching begin. If the school offers breakfast or morning snack, it is the duty of the teacher to distribute it.
• By the time mid-morning rolls in the teacher would have utilised a lot of elements in the room to impart knowledge. For example, she would have made groups and seated them on tables or took a more hands-on approach and made a circle on the floor.
• When recess comes, either the teacher or an assistant distributes it, but the actual food is eaten by the kids on their own. For the teacher, this is not a break but an opportunity to tide up the classroom and prepare it for the next session. Some also utilise this time to look at the completed homework submitted by students.
• The following lessons planned for the day begin in the afternoon. If it is day-school, then the children may be given nap-time while the teacher makes additional sessions for the following days. If it is not a day -school, then individual attention is paid to each kid during this period.
• When the school day ends, the teacher greets each child again and bids them adieu. She also ensures that the right guardian has come to pick up the child. After this, the real work of the teacher starts. She finalises lessons for the upcoming day, meets with the school administrator to solve any issues, checks homework and call a parent if needed.

The life of a KG teacher is not easy. It requires academic knowledge and lot of emotional stability. Plus, it requires physical stamina to keep up with little ones who are full of energy. Any person thinking to apply for a teaching certificate should take an in-depth look into the life of a teacher. Only when they are satisfied that they will be able to handle everything and have some strength leftover for their own daily chores should they opt for it.

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