Fun color activites for preschoolers

A Bowl Full Of Colorful Kits To Identifying Colors For Kids.

Getting children to work with colours and objects could be a brand-new way of teaching them basic shapes and early mathematical skills. Design color activites for preschoolers carefully so that the fun and learning are balanced tastefully. Shapes could help the toddlers develop their consciousness to a better level. Understanding what the shape is, where they could be seen, and how to fit in properly are all early mathematical skills for a preschooler. Circle-sun and oval-plate are everyday objects easily identified. Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Star and Heart are a bit tricky for these young ones to relate to their immediate surroundings, and that is where these activities could come into play.

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Begin With The Shapes

With a few cardboard pieces and a bowl of rice, you could make your own shapes puzzle for the children. Cut out the different shapes in an almost equal size that could fit in one hand of your children. Colour them differently so that it could help them remember the name of the shape and its colour by saying it out loud. Next, hide it in the bowl of rice and ask the children to pick it up. These color activites for preschoolers could be made more challenging by blindfolding the players. It would be fun, and the rules are simple. Once they find a shape by digging into the rice, they shout the shape and colour. They could proceed until all the shapes have been identified and their colours remembered.

Another fun activity would be to match the shapes and colours. Use paper to cut out shapes and colour them up. Now using these shapes as a stencil, draw borders on another sheet of paper. Ask children to paste these shapes correctly on the shape borders. It could be a simple, fun activity to start colour and shape recognition in the toddlers. Completing the activity successfully is a reward in itself. You may also offer candy for completion of the task.

Papers And Shapes Of Colors.

Work Your Way Up To Colours

A simple but enjoyable activity to engage would-be shape fishing color activites for preschoolers. This is a kinaesthetic learning activity that instigates motor skills within children. Use cut out and coloured shapes plenty in number. You could use Styrofoam sheets for the shapes. Take a basin and fill it up with water. Drop these shapes in it. Using tongs and tweezers, the children shall fish these shapes out of the water. Get a muffin tray to help them organize the shapes and sort them based on their colour. Remember to add the same shape with two colours. This could help them recognize and remember the colour as well. It helps if they could work together collaboratively, of course, while having fun!

Level Up Along With The Kids

Once the children are thorough with the shapes and colours, you could dare to try out the next level. This involves getting them to draw these shapes. It is, in fact, one of the most fun color activites for preschoolers that would reinforce their knowledge. Lay out the rules to them as to which colour to use for which shapes. This way, they would have a boundary in their mind to work with. Encourage the learners by pasting all their artworks on a larger canvas for them to reflect upon later. Besides the activities listed above, you could jump on the creativity boat and row yourself through the imagination river while fishing out some fresh ideas. Sensory bins are always the right place to start and climb up the ladder slowly. Keep in mind that the activity has to be a lot of fun for the children; otherwise, the goal may be afar.

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