Cool Kinetic Sand Ideas for Preschoolers

Kinetic Sand Kit For Preschoolers

One of the excellent play materials is kinetic sand. It is almost like wet sand and can be shaped and moulded as you wish. The best part of kinetic sand is it does not dry out. It can be either purchased or made at home. It is cheaper and simple to make kinetic sand at home.

Are you wondering whether kinetic sand is safe for preschoolers?

Kinetic safe is safe to play but dangerous when consumed. Though it is said to be non-toxic, the kinetic sand you purchase on the store does not pass through the body as the regular sand. It is recommended to keep kinetic away from pets and kids. It means with adult supervision preschoolers can use kinetic sand for playing.

It is always recommended to give homemade kinetic sand mainly for preschoolers. It is ultimately safe because of the ingredients used in creating this sand.

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Kinetic sand activities for preschoolers

There are several ideas when it comes to creating crafts with kinetic sand. There are also methods to implement learning into this kind of sensory play. With kinetic sand sensory bin, kids can practice digging, squeezing, shaping and scooping. It is recommended for proprioceptive sensual feedback. Moreover, this kind of sensory bin permits for imaginative play.

It is possible to create three-dimensional shapes using kinetic sand. The shapes remain in their form even after hours. It is said to be extremely therapeutic for kids with tactile sensitivities and it assists them in bearing touching a sandy substance. Immersing the hands into the sand is not the only option to play.

A Kid Playing With Kinetic Sand.

Sensory play ideas with kinetic sand

Kinetic sand help kids in various ways. Some of the best kinetic sand ideas for preschoolers are as follows:

  • Make 3D shapes: The kids can form kinetic sand and make a brick, sphere, or other 3D shapes where the hands of your child can fathom.
  • Relax and enjoy molding it: Kids with tactile therapy requirements, sifting the sand over fingers assists to recognize the texture and also becomes a relaxing activity.
  • With the help of a firm paintbrush, kids can rub the kinetic sand. It becomes a relaxing activity almost like a zen garden.
  • Start with a treasure hunt. Take small objects such as buttons, plastic coins, jewels, and army men. Ask your kids to dig and bury the treasures using their fingers.
  • Play with food. Kids can use kinetic sand for baking. They can mould into ingredients and combine it using hands in the bowl.
  • Draw and design a lovely pattern. By using things like cardboard tubes, nuts, shells and more, your little ones can develop beautiful patterns in the kinetic sand and enhance their motor skills.

Kinetic Sand Activity

Occupational therapy options

When kids play with kinetic sand focusing on fun, it improves their hand strength and fine motor skills. Some of the interesting kinetic sand play ideas are as follows:

  • Take small objects and push them into sand: Offer your kid a handful of buttons or toothpicks. Let them push the objects like buttons or toothpicks into the kinetic sand. It is a best example for occupational therapy play which your child and you can enjoy.
  • Slice the sand into chunks: Give your kid a plastic knife and ask them to chop the kinetic sand. It helps in strengthening fine motor skills and increase hand strength.
  • Create play cookies: With the help of cookie cutters or using a plastic cap, motivate your kid to design the kinetic sand into nice 2-D shapes.
  • Practice writing numbers and letters: It is fun to play with kinetic sand. It serves more than a normal dry erase board. It is a simple and reusable method for kids to learn basic writing.
  • Cook up healthy meals: If you are finding an interesting method to teach good eating habits, let your kids mold food using kinetic sand. For this activity, you need to have different colors of kinetic sand.
  • Utilize kinetic sand for 10 frames: One of the best activities for developing math skills is 10 frames. When you use kinetic sand, it makes the entire activity more fun and interesting.
  • Learn numbers with straws and kinetic sand: Tactile learning such as kinetic skill activities assist things to stick for certain kids. Take plastic smoothie straws, cut them into small pieces. Let the kid pop into the sand and start counting.
  • Decorate a Christmas tree made using kinetic sand: Take green kinetic sand. Mold the sand into a nice cone shape. Now decorate the tree using trinkets and beads, thus making a beautiful Christmas tree. If your kid enjoys, let them do again and again.

More activities tips with kinetic sand:

  • Make a fossil hunt
  • Push beads into kinetic sand for better motor practice
  • Fill snow or sand moulds
  • Make lovely indoor sandcastles with small sand toys
  • Shape the kinetic sand into logs and use a plastic knife to slice and play
  • Add seashells for excavating and drawing shapes

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