Clever Art Ideas For Children

A Table Full Of Charts, Coloring Panels & Brushes - Coloring Concept.

Inspiring The Little Picassos

Keeping little children engaged for more than 30 minutes is a challenge in itself. They are like little busybees. They constantly want to be on the move, explore and ask questions. And what child doesn’t like art? Or colours? Or getting their hands colorfully messy? Combine the three and you have an ingenious art idea that will sow the seeds for the love of art in the little Picassos!!

How does art help young children?

The attention span in young children does not last for more than 30 or 40 minutes. And you cannot teach Math and Science to kids who’ve just transitioned from being toddlers!

  • Art ideas are healthy ways to improve the muscle and motor coordination in children.
  • Learning to hold and control a crayon, or brush is an excellent way to do that.
  • Art improves the hand and eye coordination in children.
  • Art gives them a chance to unleash their imagination and develop their creativity.

Let’s get going with some brilliant ideas to keep your children artfully engaged!

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4 Experimental Art Ideas

These new and non-traditional art ideas will surely get the curiosity factor going for children. They should be performed with adult supervision so that the art class is both fun and safe.

Painting With Watercolrs For Kids - Painting Concept

1.Art with shaving cream

Who would’ve thought that the shaving cream can be so much fun? Just mix some shaving cream to some poster colours and create your own shaving cream paint! Apply it on the canvas or paper of your choice. Shaving cream mixes beautifully with paint to give a rich, smooth consistency that is easy to apply. It also cleans up very easily and is less messier to deal with.

2.Sticky paper art

Create a big colorful board with contact paper that is widely available on online stores. The sticky texture of the contact paper is a big hit with kids. How can you make this more fun?

  • Ask children to bring brightly coloured small objects to stick onto the sticky board.
  • They can also stick their names that are colorfully painted.
  • Teach them simple origami objects and ask them to stick it along with their names.
  • Decorations can also include pom poms, lights and sequins.

3.Fizzy Art Fun

Two simple ingredients like vinegar and baking soda can create a harmless fizz. Add some paint and you have a creative way of combining art and science!

Children can be asked to paint a picture with water colours mixed with baking soda. Next, under the watchful supervision of teachers, they can be given a small bowl with vinegar and a plastic dropper. Children can draw some vinegar into the dropper and apply it on the painted surface.

Watch how their excitement grows as they see the vinegar reacting with the baking soda in the paint. Allow the paint to dry so that the new designs are revealed!

4.Art with melted crayons

Another ingenious way to explain some concepts of science with art is to do it with crayons. Crayons are a great medium to deal with. For this art, you will require a hair-dryer and a box of colorful crayons. Select a sturdy surface and ask the children to place crayons of their choice. Use the hairdryer to slowly melt the crayons.

Melted crayon art teaches children the two states of matter- solids becoming liquids under heat and solidifying again. How can you make this more creative?

  • Ask children to peel off the crayon covers. It helps them concentrate on the job and fine-tune their motor skills.
  • Next, ask them to break the crayon into two pieces. This again is great for muscle coordination.
  • Place the crayons on paper and gently melt them with a hair-drier. The crayons can also be put into cupcake liners.

A Kid Draws A Chick In Lawn With The Help Of His Parent.

Perfect Painting and Coloring Ideas For Kids

The old school idea of painting and coloring with crayons, pencil colors or a paint and brush isn’t as enticing as it used to be. The millennial generation need more innovative and creative art activities to keep them on their toes.

1.Impression printing: As old school as it might seem, this idea seems to be a favourite for every generation of children. For this, you need a box of crayons, some coins and pennies and different kinds of leaves from the garden.

Ask the children to lay out the leaf with the reverse side of it on top. Place an art paper and carefully colour the paper to reveal the shape of the leaf and the veins that run through it.
The same can be done with coins of different shapes.

2.Printing with yarn

This again, is a delightful artwork that can be done with watercolours and poster colours. Fold a thick art paper vertically so that it is divided into two parts. Unfold it and keep it aside. Now dip a lengthy piece of yarn into some brightly coloured paint and squeeze out the excess. Arrange the yarn on one side of the paper in an abstract shape with one end of it hanging out. Now, fold the other half and hold it firmly with the palm of one hand while pulling the yarn with the other hand.

Open the paper and see the beautiful design the yarn has created!

Gravity painting, Q-tip painting and blow painting are some of the other exciting ideas that children can try out at home or in school.

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