Ten awesome alphabet activities for kids

A Table Full Of Alphabetical Blocks Fixed To Their Respective Letters.

While you must have already started reading your little one’s nursery rhymes, chapter books or rhyming books, teaching them alphabets can be a bit challenging. Reading those books is an excellent way of introducing alphabets, but there are more fun ways to teach them alphabets. Encouraging the tiny tots to notice the big prints such as signboards, newspaper ads or titles in their favourite cartoons or teaching them letters of their name are some of the best ways to introduce them to the alphabets. Similarly, including music in learning can guarantee more fun. Whatever the methods are, ensure that the kids are not compelled to learn anything new, but rather the entire process must be smooth and entertaining. Here are some fun alphabet activities that ensure a hundred per cent productivity as well as entertainment.

Alphabet Activities

Alphabets hide and seek

Your preschooler must enjoy playing peek a boo, isn’t it? Utilize this game to recreate an entertaining game using alphabets. Gather all the play letters, be it magnets, bath letters or puzzle pieces and hide those letters in a sensory bin. You can get creative with sensory bin fill-ins, with painted rice, corn meals or sand. Toddlers can have great fun in finding letters hidden inside the bin. Ensure that you repeat the game many times so that the kids get familiar with the letters.

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Play with dough

Yes, you read it right. Make your kid’s favorite plaything as the means to learn something productive. This alphabet activity is an engaging one where they are provided with a writing tray, play dough, and little rocks along with an alphabet flashcard. The kids then make alphabets using the stones on the play dough. You can replace the small stones with beads with buttons, beads or beans.

Magnetic clothespin sensory bin

The magnetic clothespin is one of the most fun alphabet activities. Mark the clothespins with letters and toss them inside a sensory bin filled up with colored rice or corn meals. Give your tiny tot a magical magnetic wand to pick up the clothespin from the tray. Ask then to match their selected pins with letters on the letter card.
Letter play with bubble wraps

Your kids love popping the bubble wraps just like you, isn’t it? Then make use of this exciting timepass into an exciting alphabet activity. Write on the alphabets to each bubble with a marker. Ask them to pop out the letters of their name or all the small letters. Engage your kids in this exciting game with more puzzles. So, next time you receive a package save the bubble wraps for this activity.

Alphabet Printable Collection Placed On The Table.

Memory game with alphabets

Memory games are absolute fun games. Why not make use of this concept in learning alphabets? For this, all you need is a stack of paper plates and markers. Mark the plates with capital letters and the corresponding small letters. Lay down the plates with the labelled side facing down. Now, each kid can select two plates in their turn and play until they end up finding the matching pairs.

Sweep game

Kids love to do whatever you do. If your kid loves to play around with the broom, utilize this for an exciting alphabet activity that can enhance phonetics learning as well. Write down alphabets on paper pieces and tape it on the floor. Now call out sounds and ask your tiny tot to identify the alphabet for this sound. He may toss a ball with the broom to the corresponding letter. This activity not only improves your kid’s alphabet learning but can improve his motor skills too.

Alphabet hunt

An effortless activity to organize, this game guarantees a lot of running around and great fun. This alphabet activity requires a few construction papers and markers. Write alphabets on each paper and stick it around different parts of your house. Call out alphabets and ask your toddler to pick up the right one. You can add more twists to this game by introducing phonics and color identification.

Fun with basketball

Alphabet basketball is an exciting alphabet activity for naughty kids. All you have to do is place the paper marked with letters on the floor and call out the letters. The kids are required to identify the letter and crumple the paper and toss it to a basket. The game is beneficial in enhancing fine motor skills and gross motor skills.

Rubbing your name

Rubbing your name activity requires a plain white card stock and a hot glue gun. Now write your toddlers name on it. Once it dries, give your toddlers crayons, and ask him to color the ridges. This alphabet activity is also great to enhance hand-eye coordination and excellent motor skills

Remember, be it any activity, repeat them continuously. Repetition can familiarize the alphabets and kids can quickly identify the letters the next time they play.

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