Sports Takes A Backseat In Chennai Schools

Image Represents The Sports and Education Balancing.

It is safe to say that Chennai in particular and Tamilnadu, in general, have one of the most robust and prolific education systems in India. Some of the most accomplished artists, scientists, and educationists of the country were products of this evolved and modern ecosystem. In an era dominated by competitive exams and technology, constant rectifications and brandishing of the system has become necessary. However, its consequences must be put into perspective.

Physical development

For the all-round development of students, sports and physical activities need to be given a lot of emphases. Recent developments in CBSE schools of Chennai are in strict contradiction to the principles of holistic growth and development of pupils.

To complete the prescribed syllabus, many schools in Chennai have opted to do away with the sports periods. Well-known and prominent education certifiers such as CBSE and TN State Board have directed all schools to provide a minimum of two hours of physical training classes to all students. However, many schools have not adhered to these directions.

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Where are things headed?

If these incidents are considered to be indicators of the future, then the situation appears to be grave. Yes, studies are crucial. Developing the intellectual prowess of youngsters is essential.

However, the age-old saying ‘A healthy mind lives in a healthy body’ comes into the picture at this stage. What’s the point in going out and achieving terrific things if you don’t have the necessary good health to enjoy them? And the perils of the modern world have made it clear that a physically active lifestyle is the only way to keep your life balanced.

By taking away their sports classes, schools are giving the wrong message to gullible minds of children. It would provide them with the belief that sports are an unnecessary activity, whereas studies are paramount. Such a mentality will prohibit holistic growth.

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