Montessori’s Educational Philosophy

Institution Montessori gives education through the education system.Bu system is not student-centered but teacher-centered.It is student-centered.It is able to discover the talents of the child and to develop according to his interests.
Montessori’s educational philosophy is very different from traditional understanding because of the child’s point of view. Children learn, think and perceive in a completely different way from adults. The only thing a child can do in the child’s development process is to remove obstacles in front of the child and meet his needs.
Our aim is to raise all the characteristics of our children to the highest level, questioning, aiming, self-fulfilling, taking responsibility, having confidence, being able to provide self-control, loving, creative and happy individuals.

Branch Courses;
English (native level)
-Folkl is
-Dr but
-Music (organ)
we GYM

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