Classroom Ergonomics- A Must-Have Necessity

A Picture Representing The Sitting Pose Of Kids Near The Table In The Classroom Which Denoting Classroom Ergonomics.

Classroom Ergonomics – Creating A Better Learning Environment

School furniture in India is at times overlooked and not given due importance or rather never considered as an asset that will improve the learning environment. The physical comfort of the student is often neglected by the school. They spend about 9 hours in the classroom at the desks every day. A study reveals that 83% of students use chairs and desks that are not suitable for their weight. Ergonomic classroom furniture is an important tool that helps in creating a great learning environment.

The fact is that kindergarten furniture or classroom furniture like school chairs, school desks, school benches or classroom benches act as important learning tools that enhance the students experience in the classroom. Be it for kindergarten, primary, middle or high school, ideal furniture will promote a child’s growth, development and education. A good quality classroom furniture is important because,

  • It promotes child growth
  • It provides a proper structure for the classroom
  • It provides space to move around and interact
  • It encourages students to learn

School Furniture: A Part And Parcel Of A Student’s Everyday Life

Children, especially the ones in kindergarten, are quite curious and inquisitive about everything. They learn as they see, feel and experience. Suitable preschool furniture will help them understand the application of furniture in classrooms and how they must use it optimally. This is a part of learning in kindergarten. Perfect child care tools will help teachers carve their characteristics and make them sincere in everything they do. Great quality furniture is a preliminary tool that will help teachers grow these skills in every child.

An Image Representing The Seating Arrangements of Children Near The Table In The Classroom

A child spends most of the time in the classroom all through the academic years. As the child grows, they need plenty of space for their body and feet should be firmly planted on the ground. Proper furniture will teach them how to sit and behave in class. They will have better posture which will promote child growth. Classroom furniture will provide a proper structure required for a classroom. Children should be aware of the smallest thing in the classroom and how well it needs to be organized. They should be able to explore, play, learn and grow. There should be provision to create space for large groups to spend time during lunch and breaks, small groups to work during project work. Pleasing and well-proportioned furniture with apt colour and size will create a great ambience in a classroom.

Standards of education are always upgraded by schools as per pedagogy and curriculum. Schools must pay attention to the seating arrangement in the classroom as well. Check Out – It plays a crucial role in creating the learning environment. – Even today classrooms have wooden benches and chairs which do not suit the physical growth of the body. One common size desk and chair will not suit all age groups. Poorly designed furniture will cause body aches and children will lose focus in studies. Children are at a stage where their body develops rapidly and well-designed furniture should provide ample space for physical growth and movement.

A Vector Image Representing The Children Sitting At Desks In Modern Classroom.

Challenges every school face while choosing classroom furniture

The two vital reasons why schools fail to give due importance to classroom furniture is its affordability and longevity. Schools prefer furniture that is inexpensive and durable. The furniture is mostly used by kids, and they easily handle it rough. It will be costly to replace broken furniture every year. As a result, schools opt for sturdy furniture that will not be ergonomic or functional. But, these days, attention is being given to create a collaborative learning experience for the student. An open classroom environment that is collaborative and dynamic is being preferred to keep up with changing educational systems.

School furniture must allow for flexible seating arrangement. Today’s classroom is a space for active learning. It requires lightweight, well-designed, portable tables and chairs that suit the physical growth of all age groups. It should be easy to handle and move around. The school should easily stack, arrange and store. It is not going to be a ‘sit still and only listen’ to the type of teaching and learning. Teaching is more interactive and collaborative and ergonomic classroom furniture will help improve student performance while they comfortably work and study with their peers.

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