Registering A Play School In India

Registering A Play School In India

There are lots of plays, schools and kindergartens in India. It is essential that you register you play school legally to avoid legal issues. Parents enroll their kids in play schools only if they are legally registered and follow specific regulations. You have to satisfy certain requirements based on state laws. The following are the procedures to start a preschool or playschool in India.

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Firstly you have to prepare a business plan for the playschool. The business plan must include the number of children in the playschool, its infrastructure, budget, loan details, details about staff, etc.

One has to mention the type of entity information of the playschool about to be opened in India.

School owners must make sure that they follow the laws enacted by the state government to run a play school. If the playschool runs with more than 20 employees, then PF registration is compulsory. The wages of the staff of the playschool should be based on the regulations of the government. The playschool should be registered for paying service tax. It is necessary that you must follow the above legal steps to register a play school or kindergarten in India.

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