Jobs A Teacher Can Have Beyond The Confines Of A Classroom

A teacher helps the student to write on the blackboard in the classroom.

The Career Alternatives For Teachers.

When people with a teaching degree search for Techfetch jobs, they look for the role of a teacher. It is a no-brainer, after all. That said, there are alternatives for teachers. The skills a teacher has are valuable for a lot of industries and niches. As a result, you can build a career in publishing, business, and even non-profit organizations.

For instance, say you are an art teacher but are thinking of a second career. A great choice for you is in related fields. A museum may want you to teach art to its attendees. And, therefore, they will be ready to hire you for the position of educational programming director. Check Out – About why teachers are leaving the profession at increasing rates and turn for career alternatives?

Let’s take a deeper look at what other possible job options a teacher has.

Explore These Jobs If You Have A Teaching Degree

Suppose you love working in a school but don’t wish to be a teacher. Try on the school librarian hat. You don’t have to work after-hours and constantly keep an eye on kids, but you still get to work with children! Another choice is a guidance counselor. Like with the role of the librarian, you would require additional training. But you won’t have to manage day-to-day classroom activities. Yet, you still get to guide and mold students.

Education administrator is another lucrative career option for teachers. Instead of handling just one classroom, you become responsible for the entire school. The administration has a broad scope with various positions under it, like school-district administrator, director of admissions, and private school dean.

Young Male Staff Taking Lessons Standing Infront of The Blackboard In The Classroom.

If you have decades of teaching experience under your belt, curriculum development is another field open to you. From training new teachers to improving the quality of education, curriculum design runs the whole gamut, offering you many choices.

While there are several rewarding jobs outside of teaching, for some, teaching is the only way. For those, we recommend substitute teaching. The role gives you the freedom to work in different school districts. You don’t carry the burden of managing a classroom, and there are no administrative responsibilities!

Jobs For Teachers In Other Industries

Now, let’s dive into career alternatives in other sectors and industries for teachers. The most obvious is business. Teaching gives you the experience and skill to manage people. It makes them natural in the business world.
Try finding a product or service that caters to education and then build a business around it. You’ll be surprised to know that entrepreneurship comes easy to you. Yes, you may need some additional training or knowledge, but overall, you’ll thrive.

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Publishing is another industry; teachers can branch into. For example, an English teacher can become an editor or a writer. Your mastery in grammar and writing can land you top jobs in some of the best magazines and publications. Similarly, a history teacher can find a role in an online or offline business that deals with history.

Think of your teaching specialization as a trampoline. It can jumpstart your career in a particular niche within the vast field of publication, from business to science. You can even dive into student textbook publication if you still want to remain connected to education.

The last career option for teachers is after-school programs. Non-profit youth organizations or early childhood programs are common choices for people with teaching degrees. For instance, summer camps or daycares may need staff with ECCE degrees.

In short, a teaching degree is worthwhile for more than just one job. Moreover, the skills you accrue as a teacher work wonderfully in other career paths. It takes some creative thinking and the passion for delving into something new to find your second career.

A good place to start, if you are a teacher and looking for work beyond the confines of a classroom, is to explore a related field. Say you are a foreign language teacher, then a translator or interpreter position would fit you perfectly. Think a little outside the box, and you’ll soon find a lucrative career.

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