Benefits Of Technology In Kindergarten Education

Impact Of Technology On Education

Gone are the days of traditional education with blackboard and chalk, pencil and book. Education has come out of the four walls of a classroom. Today, technology has invaded the learning scene. It is used as a medium for instruction and assessment. Technology is used to bring together the student, parent, educators and the community. It removes barriers and facilitates learning concepts in a much more hands on and aims at professional development. The impact of technology on education has made it more accessible for young learners to learn and grow to their potential.

Impact Of Technology On Young Learners

Access to technology has its own benefits on young children. When used appropriately, technology can help them improve focus and learning. Engaging children with creative apps that are age appropriate help them improve hand eye coordination. It is important as students need to use eyes and hands as they learn to write. Quality content can improve their communication and language skills. Access to stories and ebooks online can help them with their vocabulary and pronunciations. Children quickly understand technology and learn to manipulate them to improve the learning process.

Technology helps children to gain the necessary skills they need as they start with formal schooling. With exposure to developmental content, children show increased preparedness to learn math and reading. Cognitive development, critical thinking and applied learning can be increased to have more competency in learning. Learning applications and gaming can help improve attention to details and focus. They are so preoccupied when they play and this can increase their attention. Role playing games make them play a character which will make them pay attention to detail. Technology can enhance social interaction and help children absorb ideas.

Appropriate Use Of Technology

For technology to be beneficial to children, content should be age appropriate. One content may not fit for all. Educators and parents should gauge the content on how it will help them learn. The content should keep the child engaged for a while. It must help them explore and inspire them to imagine and express. The context should complement the learning process. It should improve the child’s social interaction positively. The content should be age appropriate. The technology should match the child’s ability, interest and match the skill required for the development. When choosing technology, keep in mind the interest and needs of the child.

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